Why Every Dancer Should Take A Beginner Dance Class

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Don’t let the label fool ya – beginner dance classes are staples for dancers of all levels and backgrounds.

If you’re just starting to dance, it may be tempting to take advanced choreography classes. It looks super cool, and definitely pushes you to pick up quickly and execute cleanly..

But the only real way to feel comfortable doing this kind of choreography is to start from the ground up.

Even if you consider yourself way “past your beginner days”, strengthening your foundation is the most effective way to propel you as a dancer.

Because the deeper your roots, the higher your branches.

So how exactly do beginner classes help you build your foundation?

There’s Less Pressure In Beginner Dance Classes


Not to say all advanced classes are competitive, but there is an sense of hunger that laces them. It’s inevitable – the dancers that take those difficult classes are obviously trying to push themselves.

In beginner dance classes, the vibe is a little less intense.

The focus is less on killing a piece or impressing anyone, but in having fun with everyone around you.

The nurturing, no-pressure environment of beginner classes is such a breath of fresh air.

Bianca Vallar from Choreo Cookies, Disneyland, and Bloc Talent Agency, shares why she loves beginner dance classes:

It reminds you of “that feeling when you first wanted to dance. It was about having fun, right?”

– Bianca

But just because there’s less pressure, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be pushing yourself.

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Beginner Dance Classes Force You To Use Your Body


Just because there’s less pressure, doesn’t mean that the class itself isn’t challenging.

In fact, beginner classes force you to use your muscles and dance through the music!

Because the pieces tend to be slower, you can’t get away with faking quick combos. You really have to commit to each move with every muscle you have.

Full out never felt so full.

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“No matter what level you’re at, beginner classes can be a challenge. It’s about going back to touch up on your foundation, and all of us need that.“

– Bianca

And while you’re taking the time to use your whole body…

You Can LIIIIIVE in Beginner Dance Classes


Instead of drilling complicated sequences or trying to retain 12 8-counts of choreo, beginner classes offer you the freedom to focus on just.. moving.

In advanced choreography classes, there might be a few moments where the choreographer asks you to “do your own thing.” Sometimes it’s a full 8-count of freestyle, sometimes it’s just that the specific hand movements aren’t set.

But for the most part, the freedom you have is limited, because hey – you are there to learn their choreography.

And yes, beginner dance classes may be choreography-based, but the pieces usually have a lot more leeway.

So you can instead channel your brain/body power on freestyle, performance, facials – your own interpretation and embellishments.

Liiiiive and shine – beginner dance classes are all about finding your natural groove!

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Beginner Dance Classes Take You Back To The Basics13122971_597910890360768_777689590267591109_o

Before the whip, dab, nae nae… were grooves like the smurf, shamrock, Steve Martin!

You’ll probably recognize some of them in Bianca’s class – it involves lotssss of grooving.

“These are those moves, the ones that you do at a party with your friends.

They got lost, but whenever we see variations of them in choreography, everyone’s impressed. But really, those are all classic old school moves! We just need to do ‘em more.”

– Bianca

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Ultimately, the purpose of beginner classes is to have fun but with a few steps put into it. And some of those steps, you can’t learn or practice in advanced classes.

If you want to put on some music, vibe out, and groove – Bianca’s beginner dance class is the perfect place to start.

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