Vocal audition criteria

Categories you can enter:

Solo, Duet, Trio, Small Group, Large Group

Style that can be presented:

Gospel, R&B/Jazz, Country, Latin, Pop, Original, Contemporary, Opera, Rock, Broadway, Rap, Variety, Open and World Music


Gospel music is a music genre in religious music. The performance and significance of gospel music varies according to different cultures. Gospel music is composed and performed for many purposes, including religious or ceremonial celebrations, and also as entertainment music for the marketplace. Gospel music usually has dominant vocals (often with strong use of harmony) with religious lyrics.


Country music often consists of ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms and harmonies accompanied by mostly string instruments such as banjos, electric and acoustic guitars and fiddles as well as harmonicas. Must have country instruments as accompaniment.


As a genre, pop music often borrows elements from other styles such as urban, dance, rock, Latin, and country. Elements that define pop music include generally short to medium-length songs as well as the common employment of repeated choruses, melodic tunes, and hooks.
Pop music is a category of modern music. Pop music stands for popular music and also recognized as chart music.


In the earliest rock and roll styles of the late 1940s and early 50s, either the piano or saxophone was often the lead instrument, but these were generally replaced or supplemented by guitar in the middle to late 50s.the beat is essentially a blues rhythm with an accentuated back-beat, the latter almost always provided by a snare drum. Classic rock and roll is usually played with one or two electric guitars (one lead, one rhythm), a string bass or an electric bass guitar, and a drum kit. Rock music is identified by heavy guitar. This genre is present in various forms: rock n roll, hard rock, punk, trash, grunge, and heavy metal.


Contemporary classical music can be understood as belonging to the period that started in the mid-1970s to early 90s, which includes modernist, postmodern, neoromantic, and pluralist music.
Adult contemporary music is a style of music, ranging from 1960s vocal and 70s soft rock music to predominantly ballad-heavy music of the present day, with varying degrees of easy listening, soul, rhythm and blues, and rock influence.

R&B & Jazz

Contemporary R&B, also known as simply R&B, is a music genre that combines elements of rhythm and blues, soul, funk, pop, hip hop and dance.
Jazz is an improvisational music form. It is also characterized by its use of blues and speech intonations. Has a proper jazz beat & instrument


Opera is not only any classical music. It is a musical story that is performed by singing. An extended dramatic composition, in which all parts are sung to instrumental accompaniment that usually includes arias, choruses, and recitatives. There are different opera arias. If you choose to sing opera, you must announce the name of the opera and the aria.
A man is not allowed to sing a women’s aria or vice versa.

Variety & Open

Any style that does not fit into the listed ones.
For example: If you have two Country pieces you would like to perform, you can do one under Country and the other under the Open category.


A musical, at least in the modern sense, is a play or film that combines acting with singing (and often dancing). Furthermore, certain composers, like Andrew Lloyd Webber, almost created throwbacks to opera with musicals like the phantom of the opera, Evita, and Les miserables, where much more singing in true operatic form emerged, and dialogue was minimal. On the other hand, the comic style of the form still existed in relatively pure form, especially with Walt Disney films. Most animated Disney films have been musicals, and some have even inspired Broadway hits like the extremely well received the lion king..


Own composition. Can be done in any style or genre. The music & lyrics must be your own, or written for yourself. It must not be of an existing song or artist.


Rap developed from the streets and ghettos, where many of the youth were standing around with their beat boxes, setting their poems to beats and movements. This genre consists of singing combined with speaking rhythmically. A style of popular music, developed by disc jockeys in urban ghettos in the late 1970s, in which an insistent, recurring beat pattern provides the background and counterpoint for rapid, slangy, and often boastful rhyming patter glibly intoned by a vocalist or vocalists.


Latin music (musica Latina in Spanish and Portuguese) is a catch-all term used by the music industry to describe any music in Spanish, mainly from Latin America and Spain regardless of genre. Any music based on the Latin America rhythms. Instrumentation usually consists of traditional Latin America instruments like: marimbas, steel drums, the timbale and conga drums

World music

World music is a musical category encompassing many different styles of music from around the world, including traditional music, neotraditional music, and music where more than one cultural tradition intermingles. It is traditional music from the developing world, sometimes incorporating elements of western popular music. This genre includes folk songs from around the world. Every nation has their own traditional folk music. The performance must be associated with a specific country.

Judging criteria

  • Appropriate song and lyrics for age and talent
  • Correct vocal range
  • Correct pitch and tone quality
  • Diction
  • Enunciation
  • Elocution
  • Voice projection
  • Strong self image, body movements
  • Stage presence
  • Handling of microphone
  • Breath control
  • Entertainment value