Tis The Season Of Thanks: Why I’m Thankful To Be A Dancer

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We’re a pretty honest bunch here at STEEZY. I mean, we’re dancers who serve dancers, so it’s crucial to keep it real. We’ve been candid about irritating moments, social media theatrics, the ins and outs of a dancer-relationship, and the like. We stress the importance of smart training and grinding, as well as enjoying the journey to reach dance goals.

But why? Does it make you happy? Do you find joy as a dancer in our community?

It’s unrealistic to be happy and satisfied all the time, but there is a key to make that joy more accessible.

Happiness, in any situation, is born from the gentle power of gratitude. Millionaire or beggar, wildly successful dancer or struggling beginner, “perfect” times and less ideal times are defined not by what you have, but your attitude towards the situation.

So, with Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaching, let’s switch modes and get in the spirit of gratitude. Let’s take a moment to harness that gratefulness and channel feelings of hope and optimism.


This Thanksgiving,

I’m thankful for..

The Identity

Everyone, no matter how self-assured they seem, has a silent, internal civil war about their identity. About their self-worth and value.

Immersing myself in dance brings me back into my body- as someone here, present, alive, and worth while. As someone to witness, support, and share with. I’m here, moving, and moving those around me.

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I’m thankful for..

The Family

Whether it be a dance team, project, studio, group of friends you jam with, those who share your passion become a real second family.

They’re the ones you look forward to seeing after a long day, the ones you can talk to about anything, dance-related or not. They’re the ones who encourage you to be daring and keep you safe when you’re vulnerable. They’re the ones, through group texts or Facebook notifications, (albeit in a more shallow, digital way), make you feel less lonely, even when you’re alone. The ones you feel incomplete without hugging hello and goodbye.

The ones who may not be blood-related, but would still defend and love you like you’re connected by DNA.


I’m thankful for..

The Freedom

The confines of your every day, even if you don’t work a stiff 9-5, are still suffocating when compared to how dancing feels.

I’m thankful for the safe space in which I can let go of all else and be myself. To vibe, rock, boogie, and groove with no inhibitions or judgement. The luxury of self-expression should never be taken for granted, as any art form, while crucial to elicit joy, aren’t exactly in the “food/water/shelter” tier of sustaining life.

Art is a gift. And dance gifts me with the freedom to create, to express, to be.


I’m thankful for..

The Support System

Beyond my immediate second family, I’m thankful to be part of such a powerful world-wide movement.

Dance is becoming more legitimized in the commercial world, which is refreshing and awesome, but we’ve always been here.

I’m thankful to have such a uniting common denominator with anyone who shares the passion for dance. I know that strangers, continents and cultures away, feel something similar to me when I move.

And this shared love turns the universe into a network of understanding and appreciation.


I’m thankful for..

The Escape

Sometimes, my mind feels like a hurricane. But the walls of a studio takes me to another realm.

Maybe it comes with its own set of stresses and problems. But it’s a sacred place where my brain can calm down and let my body take over.


I’m thankful for..

The Memories

In all the years of dancing, there is no single, grand moment that I can attribute all my happiness to.

I’m thankful for the car rides. The silly photos. The collection of lanyards on my wall. The intimate conversations. The freestyle sessions that were never recorded or broadcasted. The revoltingly fattening meals after practice.

I’m thankful being a humble collector of the snippets, the flashes, the mental memorabilia that I recall in times of distress or loneliness, and instantly make me grin.


I’m thankful for..

The Butterflies

Whether it be the ones where you’re on deck and doing your last-second crunches, when you’re on stage during the climax of the finale, before you’re about to perform your piece for choreo day, about to head to a new studio to teach a class, meeting someone you’ve looked up to for a while, anxious about releasing a new video…

These moments of excitement, those healthy doses of anticipation and nervousness, only exist because something great is about to happen.

I’m thankful for those butterflies that make this long-time love for dance feel like a middle school crush all over again.

DSC_2716 (1)

I’m thankful for..

The Soreness

A reminder that I put in work last night, something I complain about with satisfaction.


I’m thankful for..

The Lessons

Dance is an art, but it’s also an industry. It teaches you practical logistics of the world around you.

I’m thankful for the ways I’ve grown from lessons learned in dance, whether they be in leadership, communication, marketing, videography, writing, even small-talk skills.

I’ve become a better person by striving to be a better dancer.


I’m thankful for..

The Opportunities

The many roles I’ve been put in along the way.

As a mentor, a “little,” a marketer, an ambassador, front and center or back left corner, personal cheerleader, instructor, studio secretary, financial head, emcee, events coordinator..

I’m thankful for the hats I get to wear, through dance.


I’m thankful for..

The Pride

Repping team/competition shirts, costumes, bringing it in after a practice to chant in unison.

I’m thankful for the joy we feel in showing each other off.

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I’m thankful for..

The Crowd

The “oohing” and “aahing”, or dead silent from anticipation, cheering, mesmerized, Snapchat-ing crowd.

We dance for ourselves first, but hearing that validation and applause gives any dancer a performance-high that makes them crave the stage. (Even our own teammates screaming from the wings- thank you!)


I’m thankful for..

The Chills

Dance will never be a “been there, seen that” thing with the community always striving to create and inspire.

Our innovativeness keeps the world (and ourselves) on our toes. Every time I see my favorite dancers or a beautiful video, I feel physical, literal chills.

Movement will never cease to impress me, and our dancers’ approach to it only keeps getting more and more goosebump-inducing.


Beyond these moments in dance, there are many other things we’re thankful for here at STEEZY.

We’re thankful for the immense support the community has shown us in the past year and half. We’re thankful for your readership and appreciation. We’re thankful for our STEEZY Studio instructors, assistants, and students. We’re thankful for Facebook shares and Re-tweeters. We’re thankful for the dancers who are hungry to innovate and create. We’re thankful for the beginners who discover this spark and chase it with vigor. We’re thankful for every single person who has shared this journey with us thus far.

And above all else, we’re thankful for the bright future ahead.

Did any of these things resonate with you? Or, what are you thankful for this holiday season? Comment below and share with us!

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