The Dance Studios In LA You Need To Be Training At

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What’s the best way to you learn / get better at anything?

Take a class!

For dancers, taking class plays an especially big role in our journeys.

Not only is taking class a chance to improve as a dancer, but it also connects you with the community and fuels your motivation to keep growing.

So.. where to go?!

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If you are lucky enough to be a dancer in the LA area OR if you are visiting and want to plan out your training schedule, look no further!

Check out this list of dance studios in LA that you can take dance class from!

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Dance Studios In LA, 1: Edge Performing Arts Center

dance studios in la

EDGE Performing Arts Center
6300 Romaine St, Ste 100
Los Angeles CA 90038

Known for its industry and commercial classes, EDGE PAC is open 7 days a week 350 days a year, and offers a huge variety of classes.

From hip hop to jazz to salsa to ballet, EDGE is a great place for students who are aspiring dancers in the industry or dancers who just want to take class with some of the best choreographers out there.

Drop ins are welcome, studio space is available for rental, and the schedule is STACKED..

So instead of reading this on the EDGE of your seat, get off your booty and go take class!

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Dance Studios In LA, 2: Millennium Dance Complex

dance studios in la

Millennium Dance Complex
5113 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Millennium Dance Complex (Orange County)
5468 E La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 777-7711

If you’ve seen any video on Youtube with the red walls and the wood floors, you’ve seen Millennium Dance Complex.

From regular class schedules on the daily to star-studded master classes, Millennium offers a huge array of classes and styles in NoHo AND in Orange County!

You can rent studio space 24/7, and there are living accommodations for dancers who are coming in to train from all over the world.

Dance Studios In LA, 3. Debbie Reynolds Studio

dance studios in la

Debbie Reynolds Studio
6514 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91606


Offering tons of styles including Bollywood, voguing, and krumping, classes are available 7 days a week.

If you don’t take class, you’re just going to end up dancing normal, and let’s face it:

dance studios in la

You tell ’em Debbie. 

Dance Studios In LA, 4. Movement Lifestyle

dance studios in laMovement Lifestyle  
11105 Weddington St.
North Hollywood, CA

Movement Lifestyle brings together dancers from all over the community and industry and promotes… movement as a lifestyle.

Their NoHo studio is beautiful and their classes range from master classes with top dancers as well as a lot of foundational classes in all different styles — the studio is open mostly on the weekends for classes and only for select hours in the day M-F.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you know who’s teaching what and when!

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Dance Studios In LA, 5. Snowglobe Perspective

dance studios in la

Snowglobe Perspective
2650 Pacific Park Drive
Whittier, California

Having opened in the end of April 2015, Snowglobe Perspective started off as a workshop series + a dope Youtube channel with concept videos and event coverage.

With their recent opening, they’ve stacked their classes with dancers all over the community, and they have regular weekly teachers as well as guests (usually found best through Instagram or Facebook).

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Dance Studios In LA, 6. Boogiezone Utopia

dance studios in laBoogiezone Utopia
1951 Carson Street 
Torrance, CA

Boogiezone started in 2002 as a way to foster the community of dancers by offering master classes and workshops worldwide.

Boogiezone Utopia was then born, and now offers classes of all styles.

Their Torrance location has 5 studios within the building as well as housing accommodations for dancers.

Dance Studios In LA, 7. Kinjaz Dojo

dance studios in la

They did it! After much anticipation, The Kinjaz opened up their very own studio in Monterey Park.

Kinjaz Dojo offers classes Monday through Friday. Their class schedule is a comprehensive mix of training elements– it includes urban choreography, yoga, breaking dancing, body control, house, waacking, and more!

With only one main dance space and an exclusive lineup of instructors, the classes here are more about quality than quantity.

Ready to begin your journey, young genin?

Dance Studios In LA, 8. The Lab Creative Arts Studio

dance studios in laThe Lab Creative Arts Studio
541 N. Azusa
West Covina, CA 91791


Dancers in SoCal either have seen the bright lights of THE LAB on social media or have a team photo in front of it on their Instagrams; you can’t deny the aesthetics — IT LOOKS DOPE.

The Lab Creative Arts Studio in West Covina is home not just to dance fundamentals for hip hop and housing but also offers kick boxing, MMA, tumbling, and more.

The classes are available throughout the week for hip hop and fundamentals for ALL ages, and choreographers and master classes come through quite often; their intensives are STACKED.

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Of course there are plenty more dance studios in LA – but these are just some of the ones we frequent.

Where do you (want to) train? Leave a comment and let us know!


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