The 10 Facials You Make When You Dance

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Let’s be real. It’s rare to get a GOOD action shot.

Most of the time, you’re mid-run or in the most awkward pose. But even if you are in a good frame of the shot and your body’s looking somewhat cool, your face is just like


But don’t worry – this happens to all of us!

But that’s the beauty of it. When you’re on stage, you’re putting your genuine emotion into performing.  Or you’re trying to portray a character. Or you’re going so full out that the veins on your forehead protrude.

What comes out may not be the most flattering on camera, but that’s because the moment was so rawwww.

So no matter what your facial is, embrace it!

Here are 10 different ones that dancers make when they perform.

Read on to subconsciously make these faces at your computer/phone screen!

1. The “Concerned & Angsty Facial

I had to start with this.

It’s become a PHENOMENON, this facial!

I’m attributing its prevalence to the popularity of wistful R&B songs that choreographers have flocked to in the past few years.

I love this facial so much that I had to dissect it.

Let’s start from the top.

First, your forehead scrunches up into something that looks like:

The same way the ridges in these chips are there to snatch bits of MSG-saturated flavor-powders, your forehead can grasp all the pent-up emotion behind the piece.

A bit below, your eyebrows strain to tilt into the kanji character for the number “8”:

The “worried” eyebrows. Sigh.

Your mouth is most likely slightly pursed, trying to hold back in the Drake-like thoughts about to spill out.

All together,

It looks a little something like:


2. The “Funky Animated Lockin’” Facial

Just WATCHING this face gets me excited.

Your eyes, nose, mouth all have a mind of their own!!!

It’s like a whole performance in itself, just from the neck-up!

It looks a little something like:

Or, IRL, a little something like:

3. The “FIERCE No-Facial” Facial

It’s like you’re too good to even bother with a facial.

The fierce just oozes out of your pores.

Trying to move your face would just squeeze too much fierce out and drown us all.

It looks a little something like:



4. The “FIERCE like SUPER FIERCE” Facial (Teeth Version)

If #3 was the blasé version of Fierce, this is the SASHA FIERCE of fierce.

High heels, cage bra, red lipstick, eyebrows a-fleekin’, ready-to-steal-your-man type of fierce.

Imagine you’re mouthing the letter “H” over and over. Or biting into an imaginary turkey leg from Disneyland. And devouring that sh*t, like you would the souls of your enemies..

It looks a little something like:


5. The “Surprised At My Own Body” Facial

Whoa!! Whoa, that’s my arm!!!! OOOoo-WEEEEEE is that my SHOULDER just wiggling about?? Look at my feet though!!!

Usually accentuates the effects of isos, like a guideline for how the viewer should react to the movement whose origin is utterly baffling.

It looks a little something like:

6. The “Swearing 101” Facial

Casually shifting your weight left to right, staring down the 4th wall, while having the inner monologue: “yee we ready, aiite, aiite, okay, aiite, okay.. okay, aye, aiite”

While using the palm of your hand as a napkin to check for crumbs on the side of your mouth

Then using your thumb to flick a booger from your nose.

Dang, this facial is a whole-body cleaning, I swear..

It looks a little something like:

7. The “FSU” Facial

An evolved version of the previous facial- this one is DEFINITELY a whole-body effort.

It’s at the full-out combo climax: jumping around, screaming, yelling, TICK, TICK, BOOM!


It looks a little something like:

8. The “Half-Closed Eyes, Open Mouth, Lifted Chin” Facial

It’s the “bad girl” facial. Imagine you’re teasing a guy who obviously wants you and you wanna play hard to get because IDK, GIRLS JUST DO IT LIKE THAT?

Anyways. You got that sultry, “come hither” eyes, inviting lips, probably to complement some slooooooooow millllkyyy choreography RIGHT before you do a BA-BASS- booty dip.

Throw in a lip bite and/or lick if you want +10 baddie points!

It looks a little something like:


9. The “Ah Sh*t, What’s The Next Move” Facial

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.

It looks a little something like:



10 . The “I’m So F@#!^ Tired But It’s Closer; FINISH STRONG” Facial

Self-explanatory. You’re on your last breath, but you’re also on your last 2 eight counts.

It’s all or nothing, baby. Go big or go home. Give it everything you got. Make it count. This is it.

It looks a little something like:

What’s your go-to facial? Or did we miss any that you or your teammates make a lot? Comment below to share with us!


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