Modelling audition criteria

Styles you can enter:

Runway casual, Swimwear, Formal wear, Photographic, Spokes model


Solo Only (No Groups)

Plus size models (only +16 years of age) can enter separately for:

Runway casual, Swimwear, Formal wear

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Petite – Height: under 5 Foot 6 inches
  • Plus – Hip Size: 36 and up
  • Runway – Normal Entry Height: 5 foot 8 inches
  • Males – Commercial Height: under 6 Foot
  • Runway – Height: 6 Feet and over


The contestant is not required to supply music– the music will be supplied by the organizers.


No props are allowed!


Models are only allowed to do 1 (one) and ½ (half) ramp. The longer you stay on stage the less points you will get.

Audition Final showcase

All models that are chosen for the Showcase Evening will walk Runway style – They will be selected from the Swimwear and Runway Casual qualifying events.


Contestants younger than 12 are not allowed to use makeup for the modelling events.

Prompt Performance Time

All models to be backstage an hour before the actual performance. The modelling section is quicker than the other venues, and you have to be ready if you are needed. If your name is called and you are not in time, you will be disqualified.

Spokes Modelling

A Spokes model will be judged in the same way as a Photographic model.
They do not have to walk on the ramp.
They must walk straight to the front of the stage and make:
An announcement of an event and/or the promotion of a product.
The contestant is allowed to use props, only if they can carry it on and off the stage without any assistance.
Contestants are not allowed to use other people to assist in their performance.
You can dress to suit your chosen topic.
The performance is a maximum of 90 seconds at the Gauteng Performing arts Championships and 90 Seconds at the South African Performing arts Championships.

Runway Modelling – Casual wear

Clothes should be smart casual.
No Costumes, No Glitzy wear;
Sportswear (Jacket and Pants) is allowed.
Plain Denim, Takkies and T-shirt are not allowed.
Contestants are allowed to wear a Smart Casual Denim Suite with embroidery on it. It is however, preferred the use of suitable Smart casual Jackets and Pants.
To compliment the outfit, the use of appropriate shoes is recommended.
High Heel shoes sometimes are the best option (not allowed under the age of 13).
Wear clothes that you can work on you; a Jacket is always a winner and assists with improving your runway technique.

Swimwear Modelling

Only a one piece swimwear is allowed.
No Bikini’s are allowed.
No thongs are to be worn.
All swimsuits should cover the buttocks and not be too revealing.
Sarongs are not allowed.
No Gymnastics moves are allowed on stage while modelling swimwear.
Swimwear with cut-out on the front are allowed as long as it does not look like a bikini.
High Heel Sandals are suitable for swimwear for girls 13 years and older.
Girls 12 years and under may go barefoot on stage or wear appropriate shoes to compliment their swimsuit.

Formal Modelling – Pageant

Girls 5 – 12 Years of Age:

Pageant dresses – Ball Gowns or Short above the knee.

Girls 13+:

Wear beautiful modest evening gowns, ball gowns or sleek dresses; wear something that compliments your personality. Consider Flowing dresses.
In Modelling competitions The Classic style is always a winner, especially with Formal wear.

Boys 5 – 12 years of age:

Wear a black pants and white shirt, with a bow tie. (a jacket is not required)

Boys 13+:

Wear tuxedo’s or a black suit with white shirt, or any colour shirt of your choice.
A Bow tie or Normal tie is acceptable. During the performance please do not take of your jacket for Formal Wear). Please do not blow kisses to the judges, or throw roses, do not kneel down.
Be stylish while on the ramp.

Photographic Modelling

Photographic modelling at the Gauteng Auditions and South African Championships of Performing Arts, differs from a conventional Photo Shoot. At these events you only get judged on the photos you present. So the better your photos the better your chances. Always ask the Photographer to take different shots from different angles and submit the perfect photos.
Always try to choose photo’s with different facial expressions.
It is also very important to show what you look like with different make-up.

This is what you need to be a good photographic model:

Have 4x A4 Photos. (It is better if you can have a Z-Card).
Laminate your photos to prevent them from getting damaged.
All photos must have a typed label with your name and age.
The photographer must also sign the release of the photographic material. If it is not released by the photographer, you will not be able to give it to modelling agents.
We have the right to disqualify photo’s lacking in good taste or deemed too provocative.

The best way to ensure your photographic material is received:

Complete your online Main Registration form and the Modelling Event entry form [link]
Open your registration confirmation email, attach your photo and proof of payment and e-mail to: or
Your photo should be in JPEG format.
Once you have completed the forms and submitted proof of payment, we will send you a confirmation of the Gauteng audition date and times for your auditions.