Judging criteria

What are the judges looking for?

Above all, the emphasis is placed on “entertainment and marketability” of the performance and secondly on the technical aspect of the performance, however, judges are looking for that “something different” that will stand out.
Contestants with the highest scores by panels of judges in respective events are the winners. Judges are made up from people working in the entertainment industry (i.e. agents, coaches, managers, casting directors, record label representatives) that are invited to also conduct seminars and auditions during the week-long event.

Contestants with the highest score, in their respective events, will be judged as being the winner.

Every event at the South African Championships of Performing Arts is judged under the specific guidelines established by SAATME.

An official contestant in good standing of the province or team they represent, either amateur or professional, having successfully qualified through the recognized selection process and complied with the rules and regulations established by the South African Championships of Performing Arts.

An official “Contestant handbook” is given to each participating individual, detailing all the applicable rules for the competition.

Judging criteria guidelines:

Judging for all events will be done on the criteria below, (this does not include instruments):

  • Entertainment Value – is the performance above all entertaining. Special emphasis will be placed on the ability to market the performance to the general public.
  • What is the level of the entertainment? Will it be suitable for showbiz or not?
  • Is the artist emotionally involved in the performance?
  • Is the performer having fun?
  • Are the performer’s movements in sync with the rhythm of the performance?
  • Judges look for that special on stage presence that will differentiate the performance from others.
  • No compromise on the correct techniques applied for the performance. (example: for a ballet performance, the techniques must be strictly judged in accordance with ballet techniques).
  • Judges must be familiar with the correct styles and rules for the specific event that is being judged.
  • The performance must be suitable for the age of the contestant. Correct Style vs. Age. It is very important that the appropriate age is matched to the specific performance. (Example… an under aged girl doesn’t perform as a model dressed or dance seductively like an adult). It is important that the performance is technically challenging and age appropriate.
  • Acting/Music entry category must be correctly entered by genre and type and will be judged accordingly.
  • Stage Performances (excl. Instruments): The contestant must make use of the entire stage. Movement on stage is entertaining and the contestants must as much use the stage as possible.
  • Judging of the overall Performance is totally at the judge’s discretion.

Judging Points system

The point system is set out as follow:

  • There are 5 judging criteria and each will count out of a maximum of 20 (twenty) points. This will give the contestant an overall total for their performance out of 100 (One hundred), from each judge present. Rating is on the following basis:
    • 20 – Outstanding
    • 17 – Very Good
    • 15 – Good
    • 12 – Average
    • 10 – Fair

IMPORTANT: Performances will be restricted to one minute (60 seconds) only. This will be strictly enforced throughout the event.

At the Semi Final Audition Round – The performer will have to get a minimum of 85% to qualify and go through to the South African Championships of Performing Arts and represent their Province.

  • 85% – Provincial qualified – Bronze
  • 90% – Provincial qualified – Silver
  • 95% – Provincial qualified – Gold

A performer must attend the National South African Championships of Performing Arts to have a chance to qualify for TEAM SOUTH AFRICA of Performing Art. At the SA Championships the entrant will have to obtain a GOLD MEDAL, which is equivalent to 95% or higher to Qualify and be part of TEAM SOUTH AFRICA.
The team will represent South Africa at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Confidentiality and Integrity in Judging.

  • All Judges will attend a seminar before being added to the judges panel at the SA Championships of Performing Arts
  • Judging is done with honesty and complete integrity by the judging panel.
  • They judge each contestant without prejudice on the individual performance.
  • They will not discuss any contestant with one another.
  • They will also not speak to another judge while the performance is on.
  • They will be fair to each and every contestant.
  • Judges are not allowed to tell contestants what they scored in the performance.

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