How 2 Dancers Are Changing The Game With Their Business

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Do you watch Shark Tank? Or Silicon Valley? Have you ever used AirBnB or Uber before?

Even if you’re not super tech savvy, it’s undeniable that start-up businesses and apps are revolutionizing the way we live.

And dance is no exception.

SongMark, a powerful new tool for dancers, targets the annoyances we all experience when choreographing, teaching, freestyling, or learning a piece.

It’s a perfect example of how dance and tech can merge to make our lives easier.

And guess what?

SongMark is not a fully-staffed company. No fancy office. No salary or benefits for their employees.

In fact, the business is comprised of 2 employees.

2 friends who had 1 great idea, and worked their @$$es off to make it happen.

“Dude, you know what’d be cool??”

__ years ago, PJ and Alex met during their freshman year of college at Utah Valley University. They entered a dance competition as a duo and, lo and behold, ended up winning.

The sparked passion from the event, combined with their inherent entrepreneurial qualities, led them to found a hip hop club at the university in order to build and grow a community of dancers.

In their experiences, they found so many #dancerproblems surrounding music – and no solutions for them.

“There’s such a big disconnect in technology and dance right now. Music, sports, so many other industries use programs to help make their jobs easier, but dancers lack these tools.”

– Alex

So they made the solution themselves.

If what you want doesn’t exist… Make it

Alex and PJ jotted down a list of pain points that dancers run into, then designed and developed the features that would solve them. This collection of features is bundled up in this handy-dandy app.

You can basically manipulate your music however you need with SongMark. Slow it down, recall a section of a song instantly, set loops, and more!


“Dancers and choreographers becoming more professional on their own. Why is there no support?

There are no companies giving them software that can help them choreograph and teach more efficiently.”

– PJ

Show SongMark to someone who does not dance, and they’ll tell you it’s no big deal.

Show SongMark to a dancer/choreographer, and they’ll understand how much time and energy they can save with it.

Unless you’re a dancer yourself, it’s hard to really get what we need.

So I guess it’s no surprise that the best apps for dancers are made by dancers.

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So much of the technical fuss surrounding music files is now a piece of cake.

But Alex and PJ aren’t done yet – not even close.

They hope that this is just the start of features on SongMark.

There is still so much room for all of us to grow, and they’re excited to keep serving dancers with their skills in app development, marketing, and business.

Choreographers, teachers, freestylers, class takers, those training at home – you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief with SongMark. Download and try it today!

P.S…. It’s completely free 😉

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