Audition Rules

These are the general rules that apply during the Gauteng Auditions for the Performing Arts

music rules

All music must be on “compact disc”.
CD’s are required to insure the quality of the competitions and final show.
Each performance must be on a separate CD.
Each CD must have a label with:
Contestants (or group’s) name,
and age division.

(Example: john doe, dance jazz and 16 -17 years).

Please bring at least two (2) back-up CD’s for each performance.

Time Limits

The time limit for all performances is ninety (90) seconds all rounds.
A 25% deduction will be taken for any performance going over the time limit.
Time will begin when the music starts and will stop when the music stops.
Remember, you may go under the time limit but not over.

Performance Prompting

Parents, family, friends, agents, teachers or make-up artists are not allowed behind the stage before or during the competitions.

All contestants are required to be back stage at least 1 hour before performance time.