9 Ways To Stand Out In Dance Class

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Wanna stand out in dance class?

Show up naked. Just kidding! (I mean, that would work, but..)

While it’s not the #1 priority to gain personal attention by taking a dance class, going somewhere to train day in and day out feeling like you have no presence can feel a little futile.

Not only that, if you’re pursuing dance more professionally, knowing how to make a statement and get noticed will make auditions a breeze.

So, how do you stand out in dance class without being too try-hard-y (and keeping your clothes on?)

Here are 9 simple ways to make sure that you can make taking a class an opportunity to really express yourself – and stand out while doing so.

To stand out in dance class..

1. Talk to the choreographer before the class starts


When the class starts, the choreographer will be focused on their job – and it’ll be hard to establish a relationship during it.

For them to keep an eye out on you throughout the class: introduce yourself, say a quick hello, or even a “I’m so excited for your class today!”

In a sea of students, they’ll remember you, and their minds will inescapably draw their eyes to you, just because you’re a familiar face.

And most choreographers will appreciate that effort – as they’re probably nervous, too!

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2. Freestyle before and after the piece

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The dancers who are fun to watch in class may not necessarily be the cleanest, or the best executors. They are the ones that you can tell, are genuinely enjoying what they’re doing.

And if you genuinely love dancing, you won’t limit your time to dancing from the first move to the last pose – you’ll be dancing as long as the music’s playing.

To stand out in dance class, and to enjoy it more, get comfortable with where the piece counts in, while you learn. And when it’s time for groups, groove out until the first move – and continue dancing after the piece ends.

It’ll not only help you perform the piece better by putting you into the mood of the music prior to the piece, but it’ll let the rest of the class know that you’re there to dance, as much as you can.

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3. Wear an outfit that’s so “you”


If all-black is your thing, cool! If bright, colorful windbreakers and retro sneakers are your thing, cool! If crop tops and high-waisted leggings are your thing, that’s super cute, me too!

Trying too hard with outrageous fashion choices that are obviously not “you” will make you stand out, but not in a good way.

To not be contrived, but stand out in dance class, opt for pieces that you feel comfortable in, both physically and mentally.

Having one unique, signature item helps – your favorite pair of yellow chucks? Down widdit. That 7-year old snapback you’ve bee dancing in since day 1? Awesome.

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4. Ask quality questions during dance class

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This is something that everyone will notice, and appreciate you for.

If you have a question – a good question, one that cannot be answered with your eyes, then the choreographer can answer it and help you / the entire class with it!

Ask your question loud and clear, so that the other dancers who were wondering the same thing look to you, like “OMG same, thanks lol.”

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5. Engage with the rest of the dancers in the class


Asking the choreographer a question engages with the choreographer, and indirectly includes the rest of the class.

But in addition, try talking to your fellow class-takers in a more direct manner.

Even if you don’t know them personally (yet!) funny side comments, shared glances, and helping each other with certain moves are the easiest ways to break the ice.

You can formally introduce yourself later, when it won’t interrupt the class flow. But cracking a joke here and there? That is what makes the class flow. *drops mic*

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6. Show up consistently to dance class


Consistency is the key to success, in anything.

While you should make the most out of every visit to the studio, the quantity and frequency of visits to the studio will also help.

You’ll build relationships over time, inevitably – with fellow studio regulars, the studio’s staff, choreographers, etc. And being the “regular” will definitely make anyone stand out in dance class.

Showing up is 80 percent of life!

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7. Take those milky / freestyle moments and make it your own


Showcase your individuality with every chance you get – and this is a chance that comes up often! You know which ones I’m talking about – when the choreographer says something along the lines of “your arms are free here,” or “and groove out the next 4 counts” – that’s your time to do you!

Don’t go with the boring ol’ default move that the choreographer showcased, really use your creativity and come up with something that is different and unique, but still fits the mood of the piece/music.

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8. Cheer for everyone in the class!


No better way to strengthen bonds in the #commUNITY than by showing support. Here are some words/phrases you can choose from:

“YAAAASSSS _____!!!”

“YOU BETTA _____!!!”


“OKAYYYYY ______!!!”

“I SEE YOU ______!!!”

“SLAYYYYY ______!!!”

“GET IT ______!!!”

“GO AWFFFFF ____!!!”

Or any combination of those. For example: “YES MAMA YOU BETTA WORK, SLAYYYY~!” 

But seriously. Even if you don’t know specific names, just cheer for the whole group! “Group 1” or “Ladies” or “Fellas” can all substitute ___.

If you just met someone before or during the class, showing ’em love as they perform is sure to kick off the friendship on the right foot. Not the left one.

And your supportive attitude will make you stand out in dance class, in the best way possible!

People flock to positivity. Including yourself. It’ll make you a happier dancer/person, overall.

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9. Go AWF. Period.


We didn’t want to include “be freaking dope” because talent obviously speaks for itself. But more than just having skill, what’ll stand out in dance class is having passion.

SO, we mean “go awff” in a sense of: committing to each move, going full-out in groups, performing your butt off, freestyling, etc. Giving the piece your all is a sure-fire way to both push yourself to improve, and pull in your direction the attention of all those around you. You may even end up inspiring some dancers!

*Note: This is not to be confused with “Go off.” It’s A-W-F-F, not O-F-F. If you go OFF, like, leave the room, no one will notice you. Don’t do that. Remember, AWFF. 

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So, you ready to get out there and make your individuality be knownst to the dance community? Put these intro practice! And let us know how your next class goes 😉


Got any more tips on getting noticed in a class or workshop? Comment below and share with us!

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