7 Cheap Ways To Become A Better Dancer

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As much as we flaunt our new kicks and overpriced Adidas soccer pants, the truth is that most of us dancers aren’t rolling in cash.

Sure, we may not be BROKE broke (except those of us that are lol), but with food, gas, bills, loans, rent, whatever to pay for – you know, life things… And on top of that for you students, books and tuition… Taking classes, commuting to studios, and giving up work hours for dance add up to a big financial sacrifice.

So what do you do when you want to grow into the best dancer you could be, but gotta ball on a budget?

HERE’S SOME GOOD NEWS FOR YOU: Dance actually costs nothing. Nothing!!!!!

When most people think of dance, in the most literal sense, it doesn’t involve expensive master class workshops.

Unlike a lot of other forms of art, we don’t need fancy equipment or tools or even a specific space. You have your body, and you have, or can make or imagine music.

Dance is simply a body, moving, freely. FREE-ly.

Here’s a list ways you can be free to dance, for free. Or, for a lot less money 😉

1. Hold Your Own Workshops: Learn Pieces From Friends

Cost: $0 (as long as you have good friends)

Taking class from choreographers at a studio costs money for a reason. The quality of the choreography, the techniques in their teaching, the advice and wisdom they have to offer, etc. It’s what students want and pay for.

BUT you can always learn from your peers. If you’re lucky, there’s tons of untapped talent around you in your fellow dancers. I’m sure you’ve seen a piece or two that caught your eye.

So use your dance friends as resources!

Ask your friend to teach you a piece, or teach them one of yours. You just need some space, speakers, and an open mind.

It’ll help you both learn to teach and learn to learn.

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cheap ways to dance


2. Mi Casa, Su Casa: Open House Sessions

Cost: $5-10 (depending on the studio)

If you’re an avid class-taker at dance studios, that’s awesome!

But some studios also host “open house sessions”, usually the last block in their schedule for the night. Take advantage of them!

Since you’re vibing off not one main instructor, but a whole room full of dancers, all their energies are going to combine to create a shared experience of freestyling, grooving, and expressing your love of dance with each other.

It’s not only a great bang for your buck, but an entirely different experience from taking a choreography class.

When you’re taking a break and not dancing, look around and take notes. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn from just observing how other people move.

Open sessions have some of the friendliest dancers, and you can often just go up to someone and ask them to teach you what they were just doing.

Exploring dance in different contexts will not only make you more versatile and comfortable with your dancing, but also help you appreciate it in a new way.

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cheap ways to dance


3. Synergize: Choreograph By Collaborating

Cost: $0 (or your friendship)

Choreographing on your own is an obvious way to push yourself as a dancer and creator.

But collaborating to make choreography with another person is a whole other challenge in itself.

It forces you to think on your feet, open your eyes to new ways of interpreting music, and get really creative in the ways you combine ideas to make a piece.

And the upside is, when you share it, you not only alleviate some of the pressure off having complete ownership of the piece. Heh.

That, and you just made something awesome with one of your buddies!

So, ask your friend’s who’s down to collab, pick a song, and start creating!

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cheap ways to dance


4. FREEstyle: Get Down At The Bar Or Club

Cost: $10-20 (depends on the club, not including parking)

Dance is a social activity. Like I said, we learn pieces through the classes that we instinctively think of now, but dancing itself is something you just do, with your friends.

Many styles of dance started in clubs, so get back to the roots of dance.

Hit a bar or club in your area that plays music that you love, and spend the $12-20 you’d spend on a choreography class on drinks or admission instead. It could end up being a lot less than the price of a class, actually.

I actually have gone to a bar by myself before just to unwind, listen to music, and vibe. Nothing else. And it was the best dance lesson/therapy session that I didn’t feel guilty for spending money on.

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5. Talk Is Cheap: Sharing Ideas About Dance

Cost: $0 (cause it’s 2016 and free wi-fi galore!)

Since dance is both physical and mental, exercising your mind is also training.

Chat with a friend about your goals and struggles, or brush up on a history lesson.

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Talk to an older dancer and ask for advice. Watch videos. Read more about art and the creative process. You might even know a dance site with some great dance tips you can troll. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Enriching your mind takes more supplementary action because most “dance training” includes the act of dancing.

So get out there and soak up some knowledge! It’ll give more depth and understanding to what dance means to you.

cheap ways to dance

6. Gotta Love YouTube: Online Dance Tutorials

Cost: $0 (again, yay internet!)

A lot of us were lucky enough to grow up in a generation where dance videos have been SO easy to access. I’m sure a lot of us have already learned a lot online. Thanks, YouTube!

Dancers are sharing on YouTube more than ever and constantly inspiring others to start dancing. It’s exposed newcomers to amazing dancers around the world from Shaun Evaristo to Parris Goebel.

The archive of dance is endless. From raw class footage to highly produced music videos, anyone can watch a clip and try to copy it. It takes a lot of practice and focus, but you can learn what you want eventually.

There are even other dancers sharing their own dance tutorials on YouTube for all sorts of different styles. Just try searching for what you want to start learning!

But YouTube dancers know the struggle. You could spend hours trying to copy a dance and not get very far. “Am I even doing this right??”

Copying a dance is one thing, but actually learning is another story.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to learn to dance online.

7. Easy, Breezy, Dance With STEEZY: Take Class On STEEZY Studio

Cost: Free (Upgrade to Unlimited Premium Classes – $19.95/month)

STEEZY Studio is the easiest way to learn online, we know, we’re dancers that made it just for you. Unlike most online tutorials it actually helps you learn, step by step, from dope choreographers, including Bam Martin, Franklin Yu, Carlo Darang, and many more.

Creating a STEEZY Studio account is Free, and you’ll have access to a few free online classes along with a little bit of the first section for our premium classes. Create an account and try it out, it’s free. 

If you want to get access to the full premium classes it’s only $19.95 per month and you can take any of our 28+ classes as many times as you want with a new class added every week. That’s less than $5 for every new class added.

We’ve helped dancers like you all over the world save time and money, fit dance into a tight schedule, learn without a studio, and level up. No more excuses!

Besides access to all classes, our premium members also get access to our private STEEZY Studio community. Dancers around the globe are sharing progress with each other, encouraging, supporting, and simply helping each other out by answering your dance questions. You really need to check it out.

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We hope that this article gave you some ideas on ways to save money on dance training, you Frugal Freddies! (And Francescas)

Comment below with any ways that you stay dancin’ without breaking the bank!


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