23 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For Dancers

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A wise, respected individual by the name of Regina George once declared that


But why settle for just sexy?

Halloween is the one night where you could be as creative and witty or outrageous and ridiculous as you please!!

Ladies, if you’re tired of being a sexy nurse or a sexy cat or a sexy WHATEVER for the 7th consecutive year..

And gentlemen, if you’re just outta ideas (as most dudes usually are) around Halloween..

This list of meta, punny, and mega funny costume ideas holds your last-minute solution.

Ready to laugh and get slightly upset at how great these are?!


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1. A “pole dancer”

You’ll be the of-fishal hit of the party. Reel ’em in!



2. “Textures”

Since it seems to be every dancer’s favorite word..

Grab clothing of any/every material- cotton, knit, leather, pleather, spandex, lace, etc., and fashion-faux pas the crap out of your outfit by layering up!




3. A “popper” (Option 1)

No secrets here, you’re gonna be flexxin’ on everyone else’s costume.

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4. A “popper” (Option 2)

Or, if you get tired of this use of bubble wrap, wrap it around your waist and call it “Bubble Butt.”



5. “Hell Weak”

5 days with no sleep does make one.. weak. Even the devil himself.

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6. An “A-Leash-A-Keys-PEACE”

A stretch, but… dancers love stretching.


They also love emotional choreo that tugs at your heartstrings AKA any Alicia Keys piece.


7. A “Locker”

Eagle-jump to every destination!


8. “JabbaHockeez”

Cuz they’re the pucking best and hockey’s cool so why not?


9. “Pack modern”

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Leave your baggage at the door… but bring your LUGGAGE with you to the party.

And don’t forget to point your toes!


10. “Mirrors” (Option 1)

Have someone follow you around all night mimicking your actions, mirror-image.

It’s great practice for when you have to do opposite choreo for symmetrical blocking purposes.


11. “Mirrors” (Option 2)

Wear a small mirror by tucking the handle in your shirt, and go around asking everyone “When will your reflection show.. who you are… inside?”


12. “Four-mality”

If you don’t understand this reference.. Sigh. Young’unzz



 13. “Minnie-otics”

But big on talent.


14. “Poor-eotics”

But rich with passion.


 15. “Kickball-Chain”

Or, exchange the chain for some coins for a true “kickball-change”


16. “Hip Hop Foundations”

Apply evenly for well-rounded training.

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17. “Cupcakes (Korea)”

Who wouldn’t wanna be this team?

Their moves are sweeter than sprinkles.

Bonus points if you’re actually Korean! (I am)


18. “Sun-Blocking”

So SP-Effing cute.

But inconvenient, as you’ll have to carry around bottles of sunblock during a dark October night..

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19. “Milking a Moo-ve”

Can you still milk a move.. if you’re lactose intolerant?


Yes you can.


20. “Baby Maker”

Make your own… Empire.

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21. “Royal Fam/ Fam Royale / Kings & Queens”

Rep any or all of these dope teams. #BOWDOWNB*TCHES

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22. “Iso-cream”

Here’s the scoop: You can make the ladies *melt* with minimal, but properly executed isos.



23. “Ka-bra” Modern / “Bra-therhood” / “Bra-kada” Modern / “Kin-Braz” / any other team name that the word “bra” fits (or, is forced) into.

The community is like a bra: supportive, and close to your heart<3 Awwww~



Maybe these ideas are a bit too cheesy, but if you got a good chuckle or two out of it, our work is done.

Be safe and have a spooktacular Halloween, dancers!


Are you going to be dressing up as something dance-related? Comment below and share with us! 

This Article Was Originally Published On October 27, 2015


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