7 Exercises To Boost Your Popping Fundamentals From Charles Nguyen (Kinjaz, Poreotics)

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Charles Viet Nguyen, member of Poreotics, Kinjaz, and Culture Shock LA, shares with us his knowledge on popping. He focuses on ways you can utilize this training in a choreography class, such as his own on STEEZY Studio. “Popping choreography, or what I call “Iso Hip Hop,” incorporates a lot of different popping techniques and can […]

An expectant acting mother

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Yes you guessed it…this B.A.B.E. writer and acting coach is having a wee baby! Crazy days ahead for me and baby daddy. And the lovely folk at Honest Actors were kind enough to invite me to talk more (honestly) about what this means for me. Have you been considering having a baby yourself? Are you […]