Spread your crap out ladies

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Yep, spread it out and don on your diva garments like the Hollywood wannabees you are. It’s one of my pet peeves and it happened again in a casting last week. I was waiting quietly for my turn to be called in, and had put my handbag underneath the seat and filled out the clipboard […]

Are These Things About Dancers True?

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Stereotypes and misconceptions are bound to arise with any group. It’s easy to say that all “___-ers do ___…” But this is rude and wrong and at times, downright insulting! You’re attributing a specific trait to an entire demographic based on assumptions and fallacies. So I’m here, ragingly justice-hungry, to bust some dancer-myths that I’ve heard floatin’ around. *clears […]

The Sexual Tension Is Real For Dancers

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Dancing is sexy. No arguments there. You’re using your body to make stuff. With bomb music. Like unf, amirite. So naturally, there will be situations where things get a little.. hot. ::fire emoji x3:: They may not be the most comfortable things to talk about, so… I’m gonna do it for you! Keep reading to see what […]