10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

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Whatever you need – there’s an app for that.

Really, there probably is.

Dancers have a specific lifestyle – and there are relevant apps that suit it.

This roundup of best apps for dancers will make your life easier, more efficient, or more entertaining.

Check out this list to see which ones you need to DL today!

For the music lovers, aka all dancers –

Shazam (Free on iOS and Android)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

OBVI music is LYFE for us dancers.

Let’s say you’re walking around the mall, and a dope song comes on. And you’re like “I have to choreograph to this!!”

But you have no idea what it’s called and it’s difficult to catch the lyrics.

Just run Shazam and it’ll take the audio sample and match it to the artist, song title, and album.

The app can do a lot more than that, but its most useful feature for dancers is identifying songs.

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For the class footage / concept video / freestyle Instagrammer –

Magisto Video Editor & Maker (Free on iOS and Android)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

You killed the first and last sections of the piece… But totally f%*@ed up in the middle.

It’s fine! Everything’s fine!!

Magisto lets you make simple edits to videos, like trimming and piecing clips together.

Or if you wanna get a little crazier and add effects or audio, you can do that too. Magisto also lets you auto stabilize videos, add transitions between clips, integrate photos, or throw a filter over the video if the ones built in on Insta don’t tickle your fancy.

Speaking of IG, you can share your finished masterpiece straight to Instagram. Let the liking and heart-eye commenting commence!

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For the set mixer / aspiring DJ –

Notetracks ($9.99 on iOS only)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

There’s always that token rising SoundCloud star of the team. They’re always mixing the team’s set music and making remixes to throwback jams.

Notetracks is perfect for these musicians – it allows them to edit music, as well as take notes on their audio projects using text, symbols, or drawings. It’s great for collaborative work between dancers and DJs, vocalists, songwriters, and anyone else involved in the production process.

Dancers can write and plan out routines in the song using notes, sketches, and symbols on the audio timeline.

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For the dance team coach –

8Counts (Free on iOS)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

8Counts is perfect for choreographers who make a ton of different combos but have a hard time storing it all in their heads.

You can write out your choreography in eight-count sheets of the music. If your team or students need a reminder too, you can email this sheet out to them.

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For the videographer on the go –

Hyperlapse (Free on iOS and Android)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

Hyperlapse basically stabilizes your video footage using an image stabilization algorithm. This is ideal for dancers who want to create time-lapse videos or even ones in real time without shakiness.

The app virtually renders bulky and expensive stabilizers unnecessary – for phone footage, at least.

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For the rehearsal coordinator –

Evernote (Free on iOS and Android)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

Evernote isn’t your ordinary note-taker. It’s nothing like that built-in undelete-able “Notes” app.

You can take notes of things you need to remember – rehearsal schedules, upcoming auditions, gigs, songs to choreograph to, etc. You can insert photos or sketches. You can even save handwritten notes or voice recordings.

These notes are accessible everywhere as long as you have Evernote on it. You can organize your files however you want, and easily search through its contents. It also lets you share these notes with your friends or teammates, if they need the same information.

Think of it as your digital personal assistant. If you get the hang of using it in a way that works for you, you’ll never lose a thing.

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For the dance community socialite –

GroupMe (Free on iOS and Android)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

Groupme is basically a free chat room. My dance team uses Facebook groups to post information, but we use GroupMe for reminders, or more immediate PSAs.

For example, if someone’s early to rehearsal you can post “Anyone free to grab dinner in the area?” Or if you make a particularly crude Snapchat during rehearsal and need to share/preserve it, you can upload that file onto GroupMe too.

The app works on every device, and even over SMS for those who don’t have the app. Though, receiving individual texts from every poster might get overwhelming.

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For the staging mastermind–

Playbook.Dance (Free on iOS)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

As seen in Brotherhood’s Body Rock 2016 opener, Playbook is a useful app when blocking a piece.

It lets you use dots to plan out dance formations for your sets without pen and paper.

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For the international traveler –

WhatsApp (Free on iOS and Android)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used messaging app, as you can send unlimited messages, images, videos, files, and make calls to your friends and family around the world – for free.

Yes, you need to be connected to WiFi, but that trade off is much more manageable than spending a fortune on roaming fees.

If you travel, or have met dancer friends while they were in town for a big international event (VIBE, HHI, Body Rock… ), WhatsApp allows you to keep in touchafter they go back home.

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For the clean dancing perfectionist –

Coach’s Eye ($4.99 on iOS, starts free on Android)

10 Must-Have Apps Every Dancer Needs On Their Phone

Baseball players have perfected their swing, golfers have refined their form, tennis players have strengthened their backhands using this app.

Coach’s Eye was developed and is marketed to athletes, but it has a lot of practical use for dancers as well. Dancers can clean their angles, pinpoint errors in technique, or make note to change parts of their choreography.

Slow-motion review lets you watch yourself and annotate the sections that you need to remember to change or fix. You can also physically draw on the screen with arrows, circles, and squares for a more visual cue.

If you’re cleaning multiple people for a performance, it could be useful to record the set, make cleaning notes, and share it with the Facebook group or the individuals directly.

Cleaning is not the most fun part of a set making process, so a lot of the times we do what we have to at rehearsals, then forget the notes. Coach’s eye provides a blueprint of those notes that dancers can refer to outside of rehearsal, so that hard work doesn’t go to waste.

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Are you checking your iTunes or Google Play right now for these apps? Good! As much as we love Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Fruit Ninja, it’s great to save some space for apps that help your dance life.

Got any suggestions for other apps we should download? Comment below and share with us!

Apps are revolutionizing the world and changing the way we think, act, and live. So of course there is a digital space for dancers to train, too! Take class on STEEZY Studio.. It’s the future!


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